How to prepare for your formal events

Beauty / February 14, 2020

The Oscars got me thinking about how it takes months for celebrities like Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, and Natalie Portman to prepare for the red carpet.

It’s meetings with designers, countless fittings, and run-throughs with makeup artists and hairstylists. It could be the same for us.

There are always rituals before a big occasion. This year is filled with wedding reception invitations, parties, formal dinners and the like. Follow these suggestions so you can look your best on the day of your event.

A week before, I advise getting a wax or threading for your brows. It’s basic, but it’s important and can really change your look.

Gabbi Garcia is Belo Medical’s face for LuminoVitaGlow

At least three days before, visit your dermatologist. I’m a fan of Belo Medical’s LuminoVitaGlow. It’s a treatment that incorporates three different steps: Time Peel, New Cellular Treatment Factor and LED Photorejuvenation to improve your complexion. It’s great for morenas and mestizas alike. You get that glow from within!

I’m a fan of the beach tan, but I can’t just clock out of work to head to the beach. This is why I drop by Spray at the Power Plant Mall. They offer professional tanning for that sun-kissed glow on your entire body. You can choose from light, medium or dark, plus add on an accelerator, bronzer, and even a light scent. I advise you get this around five days before your event. This is so you can study how to adjust your makeup to your new color. You will need to avoid swimming, showering and exercising for six to eight hours after your treatment.

I highly recommend Spray PH for the sun-kissed tan

Three days before the event, get your lashes done by Ayumi. They have several options on the menu to give you those lashes, from full but natural to long and dramatic. It will add something extra to your look, plus they last for a long time so you can pull off a “no makeup-makeup look” more effortlessly, even after your event.

Don’t forget to get your nails done by Beauty Concierge. Avail of this home service for manicures and pedicures once you’re done for the day. You can opt for the classic manicure, gel manicure, or nail extensions.

If you have a favorite hair treatment or need hair extensions, get it at least two days prior. That way, you don’t leave your hairstyle decision for the last minute. Make sure it’s harmonious with your outfit for the night.

The night before, get a good night’s sleep. Since you prepared days ahead, all you should do is get a massage. I often book the services of Massage by Us.

Have a good bath and get those zzzs. For a night of deep and relaxing sleep, slather on some Sleepy Body Lotion by Lush Cosmetics. You wake up fresh and with silky skin with its blend of lavender, glycerin, cocoa butter. and almond oil.