Janina Dizon’s new line features 3D jewelry printing

Fashion / March 26, 2021

There only people who do well in any business are those who adapt to change. I know one person like this is Janina Dizon. The jeweler introduces Joier Janina–a new line of beautiful, customized jewelry from the technology of 3D printing.

Here’s what she told us about this new venture.

You mentioned that this Joier Janina was born out of your partner switching gears career-wise, what first popped into your head when you heard this idea? When did you officially start?   Joier was a wonderful surprise venture brought upon by my partner, Walter McCaffrey whose expertise happens to be in 3D jewelry printing partnered by our artisans’ skill in enameling. It was started over a year ago.

In just a few sentences, could you explain what is 3D jewelry printing? 3D jewelry printing is one of the most advanced techniques in jewelry making today. It works with a computer program wherein you can actually view a physical wax model of your jewelry print in a matter of hours.

It is more efficient and lets the designer and the client have a more personal dialogue with the total outcome. With 3D printing, designers are able to produce designs that are incredibly difficult to hand carve in the traditional manner.

What materials do you use and where do you source them? This is the beauty wherein anything can be custom-made. From gold coins to medallions to monogram jewelry. From simple designs to intricate, we can make it. All gemstones can be incorporated as well as any color under the sun and sky.

You’ve been in the jewelry business your whole life. What makes this new and exciting for you?  We always want to evolve our existing jewelry lines and this is one of them. I’ve always loved enamel and this just takes it further. We love having a personal dialogue with our clients and friends and in this manner, all inputs are welcome to make the collaboration a deeply personal kind.

What’s one thing your experience in the jewelry business has served as a guide for @joierjanina?  We’ve always known that the client relationship is of utmost importance. By dealing directly, there is less chance of errors, and the joy and satisfaction of finishing an heirloom piece is priceless.

What are the different designs you offer? Because of our enameling, our pendants and signet rings are flying off the shelves. We also have made commemorative gold coins for companies and medallions for religious intent.

What can you advise someone who starting on something new just as you have? Be patient! There is a learning curve in any venture. Just believe in what you offer and always add the extra oomph to anything you do. As they say, God is in the details.

Which among the pieces you’ve created is your favorite? I really love marrying our Ophidia line with our enameling. I believe that it’s a perfect integration of what we already have and what we still can do.

What’s been the best compliment about your pieces so far?  The fact that our pieces are so personal, it becomes an heirloom piece that can be passed on from generation to generation.

What are the next steps for @joierjanina from here? Like I said, evolution is key. I’d like to see our monogram pendants be incorporated into our other successful lines such as the Transformer collection. A pendant that becomes a pin, a ring that becomes an earring. I mean, why not? Exciting times ahead.

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Janina Dizon