Makeup revamp: crystals in your highlighter and lipstick that’s safe to eat

Beauty / July 26, 2019

As a beauty and lifestyle editor, I don’t just rely on updates online for the latest in makeup and skincare. It still pays to go to physical stores to just see what’s on the shelves.

One stop I don’t fail to go to is Beauty Bar. Found in several strategic locations across the metro, I find it to be full of reliable favorites, hard-to-find gems, and new launches that may not have yet reached your feed.

These past few months alone, Beauty Bar has introduced a few new brands and products that are reflective of today’s beauty trends.

Smashbox, a brand which always has on-trend lanches, is now delving into our recent obsession with crystals. The Crystalized Collection is a seven-piece line co-created with Bri Luna of The Hoodwitch.

The Crystalized Collection features colors inspired by stones and has a makeup mantra to coincide with each product. Aside from the skincare ingredients added to each piece, they are also charged with crystals.

Included in the collection is the Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water, Crystalized Photo Finish Primerizer, Crystalized Shimmer Drops, Crystalized Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss, Crystalized Highlighter, Crystalized Always On Liquid Eye Shadow, and the Cover Shot: Crystalized Eye Palette.

If you’re up to make your looks more adventurous, I would suggest getting any of the eyeshadows in the collection. The Crystalized Always On Liquid Eye Shadow feature multi-dimensional shimmers that last the whole day. Each shade is inspired by a crystal-like lapis lazuli, bronzite, and fire opal.

If you just need to boost your every day look, I would definitely pick up the Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water. Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer Water is quite a cult favorite, but with this collection, you get added benefit as it comes in three scents: Crystal Clarity, Aura Shield, and Love Ritual.

On the other hand, Beauty Bar also offers something for those who want to be more environmentally responsible when it comes to their makeup routine.

Lily Lolo is a new member of Beauty Bar’s line up that promotes vegan, GMO free, and gluten free makeup.

This British natural makeup brand that’s all about clean beauty without compromisngin quality. They think about the active woman who wants quality makeup that doesn’t cause any harm.

Their products aren’t tested on animals and are free of parabens, perfumes, synthetic fillers or dyes. You would like their Lily Lolo French Flirt Lipstick as the colors are highly-pigmented yet they aren’t filled with any chemicals, conscious of how we ingest everything that we put on our lips.

You can also get the Lily Lolo Pressed Eye Palettes which feature wearable naturals for work looks but also darker shades for evening affairs. The sleek, compact palettes come with a dual-ended brush and the shades are made with a formula that’s oil-free, non-drying, and suitable for all skin types.

My last recommendation from Beauty Bar might make you laugh. But it’s a necessity.

Poo-Pourri is the original, innovative, playful before-you-go toilet Spray
which guarantees that you leave the restroom smelling fresh. A few years back, you may have encountered Poo-Pourri and thought it was silly. Now, toilet spray and poo drops are everywhere.

But nothing beats the original. Poo-Pourri’s propriety blend of natural oils liberates users—from unpleasant bathroom odor, from inhibiting worries, and from harmful ingredients. In case of an emergency when you’re out, a Poo-Pourri is a life-saver.

The brand offers its product in several scents like the Original Citrus, Lavender Vanilla, and Tangerine Lily.

You can get a big bottle of Poo-Pourri for your home along with a small on-the-go spray that features a discreet floral-designed packaging.

With these three brands, it looks like your makeup kit and vanity are not missing out from the best of the innovations in makeup and personal care.

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