Monochrome mindset: The style trick that’s always exciting

Fashion / September 11, 2020

I got into monochrome dressing this week.

Some people find it daunting to dress in one color. Others may find it a little too simple.

It’s neither for me.

I believe monochrome dressing is looking well-put-together without a lot of effort. Giving yourself a limitation in terms of color scheme opens up ways for you to get creative with your wardrobe.

Here are some tips.

#1 Choose your color.  It’s a good instinct to choose a shade that’s prominent in your closet. Coming up with a monochrome outfit, you incidentally get to evaluate the clothes you have and what styles you tend to favor.

This week I chose brown (as you’ll see on my Instagram!). Earth tones flatter a lot of skin tones. Classic blue, which is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020, is fun and easy. Think about how you can refresh those usual blue jeans look with the monochrome. Choosing a color on its own is fun. There are no rules. You can go for your favorite color, or the shades that suit your skin.

#2 Play around with texture and hue. The uniformity of colors plays up the textures in your clothes. These will add dimension to your look and will also push you to see what materials look good together between silk, linen, cotton, knit, and so on.

You can also do a darker shade on top and use a lighter pair of pants. Or why not go ombre with colors gradually getting darker or lighter from top to bottom?

A look from Victoria Beckham SS20

#3 Add a twist. You can break the monotony of a monochrome outfit by adding either a statement shoe, or a stand-out accessory. This way, you bring an added layer to the outfit. It can even be just a necklace in a contrasting color.

You can also choose a neutral color for your shoes, belt, bag in order to anchor the outfit. This will help you cross influences smoothly.

#4 Integrate a patterned piece.A printed skirt with a dominant color that matches your solid color top will work. You can even get more adventurous with your other printed pieces, as long as your color scheme is clear.

#5 Keep it personal. This applies to all outfits, really. But it’s especially true when it comes to putting together an outfit just based on color. Since the fashion trick is applicable across all styles, from grungy to trendy, from girly to sporty, it’s all about getting a look together based on what’s true to you.

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