Nadine Lustre is H&M’s first Filipino ambassador

Fashion / February 28, 2019

H&M isn’t reluctant to pioneer and explore new horizons. Every year, the brand collaborates with a designer label—including Kenzo, Alexander Wang, Moschino—for a collection that merges luxury aesthetics and fast fashion.

It also has a Conscious Collection, which addresses the problem of fashion waste by upcycling old clothes.

Worldwide H&M is known for keeping an eye on what’s new every season and what its consumers need in their daily lives.

This year marks a first in the story of H&M in the Philippines—signing up its first-ever Filipino brand ambassador, Nadine Lustre. The endorsement deal comes with a special swimwear collection to be launched in the Philippines on March 14. I think it would be hard to resist picking up a bikini or two for your next beach trip.

For me, the H&M-Nadine partnership is a good fit—allowing the brand to connect with consumers on a wider level. Nadine, who has over 5.9 million followers on Instagram, is a highly visible presence in today’s youth culture.

Nadine’s style is diverse. It’s the type you’d find in a true trendsetter: mixing up fun pieces with designer labels. Her various projects also prove she’s not just a pretty face. I suggest you check out her work with record label Careless Music Manila, where she showcases her talents alongside James Reid, Curtismith, KingwAw, Astro Kidd, Massiah and Sofia Romualdez.

Nadine’s team-up with H&M puts another feather in her cap. H&M has worked with some of the biggest names in pop culture: Beyonce, David Beckham, Diane Kruger and Namie Amuro.

I sat down with Nadine to talk about H&M and some of her style tips.

Are you much of a shopper? What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

Yes. I love shopping. I like basics like big pants, cropped tops, jackets and sneakers.

What are the things people should consider when shopping for clothes?

The clothes have to be comfortable. Summer clothes need to be thin, breathable and light-colored. I really don’t know why, but wearing dark-colored clothes makes you feel hotter.

Shop for clothes that are easy to wear and to take off. If you have a trip to the beach, you always wanna be ready to swim.

You get a lot of offers. Why H&M?

H&M is a brand for everyone. It has a huge collection to choose from. H&M is also always updated when it comes to trends.

What was it like working for the brand, and how involved were you in this campaign?

It was a whole new experience working on the campaign. It didn’t feel like we were working at all. I felt creative the whole time, and that, for me, is one of the best feelings ever.

What are your favorite pieces in this collection?

I think my favorites are the bikinis. They’re really flattering on my body and I look good with the colors! My favorite part about the whole collection—it looks good on any body type. They’re very affordable, too!

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