Online beauty destinations worth the click

Beauty / September 25, 2020

Prior to our current situation, I believe we had different relationships with online shopping. I know of some who opt for it only when it comes to products whose brands don’t have physical shops in the Philippines.

Others online shop on special occasions, so there’s some discipline involved. It’s easy to get carried away when there’s no physical exchange of money and payment is made via credit card that is done in one click. 

I’ve observed others only consider online shopping when there are digital exclusive discounts. Other brands have even created products that can only be purchased online to attract more page visits. 

Not to mention there are people who take delight in shopping via social media. Hunting down cult brands and unique labels can be fun. 

These days, online shopping is perhaps the top way we procure anything. The options for which have diversified overnight it seems. This means the confusion over what to buy and which URL to log it triples. 

I’ve then found two new online beauty shopping destinations that offer reputable brands and are developed with the ease of the client in mind. It’s not just about getting something new with a click, it’s about getting the right product without hassle. Isn’t that the premise of online shopping in the first place? 

Beauty Scout is one of my picks in this light. Go to to find authentic stocks of beauty insider favorites. There’s The Ordinary, lauded for simplified solutions at affordable prices. You can also get Morphe Brushes from Beauty Scout. Morphe is a YouTube vlogger favorite when it comes to tools given its luxury feel and quality, without the huge price tag. 

LuxxLash is another brand you might want to consider from Beauty Scout. It’s these dummy-proof magnetic lashes perfect just before you hop on the video call. 

Beauty Scout also offers body care, hair products, and wellness brands. You can shop for the the Acca Kappa Moisturizing Body Lotion, Nioxin Deep Mask Protect Masque, and the Capilano Manuka Active Honey to boost your current ritual. 

On the other hand, the other beauty portal to save in your Bookmark is KPosh. It is the “online destination for your favorite K-Beauty brands.” 

I’m excited for this one since K-Beauty isn’t just a trend. A lot of people testify to how effective it is in taking care of their skin. With KPosh, you can explore different products suited to your skin needs. 

For sheet masks, a K-Beauty staple, you can check our Missha and 3W Clinic. Both brands carry a wide range of sheet masks infused with different ingredients, targeted for different skin concerns. 

At KPosh, you can check out SOME BY MI as well. This brand is known for the AHA BHA PHA 14 Days Super Miracle Spot All Kill Cream. 

You can also explore brands like Farmstay and Wondolly if you’re looking for something new. KPosh also offers familiar staples like Etude House, SkinFood, and COSRX. 

Right now, KPosh is available via Zalora but watch out for their website,

They also partnered up with VIU Philippines, so you can watch K-Dramas while doing your beauty regimen. Follow the hashtag #KPoshVIUty. 

Beauty Scout, Kposh