Skincare and scalp health solutions for your Holy Grail collection

Beauty / December 07, 2020

As anticipated, December is full of presents when it comes to the beauty world.

I noticed that part of what makes a good beauty brand is how they are conscientious about the experience. It’s all about doing away with the frill and giving you what’s essential.

French brand Laboratories FILLMED officially launched in the Philippines. I’m proud to be part of its ambassadors that include Rhian Ramos, Katrina Razon, Dr. Vicki Belo, Patricia Santos.

It’s one of the pioneering lines when it comes to professional skincare: “FILLMED has dedicated itself to the development of anti-aging products using hyaluronic acid and other powerful active ingredients. It’s made by experts for the experts: surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic practitioners.”

I’ve long been familiar with the brand because of the Belo Medical Group. I’ve previously discussed how I love the NCTF (New Celular Treatment Factor). The formula uses using the power of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals. It’s can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and bring back radiance while getting rid of dullness. Before, I would even get it done even before dinner sometimes since there’s no downtime.

One of my Holy Grail items from Laboratories FILLMED is the Glycopeel Mask. I keep it on my nightstand as it resurfaces, exfoliates, and brightens. Key ingredients include glycolic acid, phytic acid, and a soothing complex made of provitamin B5, allantoin, and polysaccharide.

My next favorite is from Strokes Beauty Lab. They introduced The Velvet Click Stick Collection. There are nine lip colors: Contessa (universal nude), Cameo (warm orang nude), Flamingo (warm pink nude), Vittoria (clay maroon shade), Teresa (classic ndue mauve), Lady Luck (mid-tone pink mauve), Spice (red taupe shade), Copperhead (red cocoa brown), and Viper (intense red cherry).

What I like is how the lipsticks contain vitamin E, squalane, and sunflower seed oil so your lips get some TLC as well.

Unique to the product is the packaging. The click stick makes sure you only get the right amount of lipstick you need. Sarah Lahbati is the face of this campaign.

Time indoors has to lead me to focus on a few things we’ve usually missed out on. Like our scalp. Innersense’s True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub gently exfoliates to impart comforting hydration and soothe irritation.

This might be what you need if you’re seeking a little bit more to your hair care routine apart from shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

This scalp scrub preps you for your next steps. It preps your hair from the roots with Hawaiin red sea salt, sunflower seed oil, and tea tree oil to calm any sensitivity. Celery seed extract soothes irritation while apple fruits give you hydration.