The benefits of a good facial massage

Beauty / June 02, 2020

I’ve looked into elevating my skincare routine by giving myself a facial massage. It’s underrated how this can give you a lot of benefits. It’s also not hard to do. As you do this over time, I feel like you will be the expert of your own face!

Facial massages give you the benefit of any other massage treatment: It relaxes the muscles. Your face gets its own beating through smiling or frowning. It also gets a workout when you laugh or outwardly express strong emotions.

Relaxing these muscles also helps you avoid fine lines and wrinkles.

It is also said that there are 300 pressure points found on your face, all connected to the body. Hence a facial massage can relax your entire body and help with getting rid of tiredness and puffiness.

Another benefit I want to point out is how a facial massage will help your skin absorb the skincare products you apply better. You stimulate blood flow, cell rejuvenation, and you also get lymphatic drainage.

You also get to promote oxygen circulation on the area, giving you that natural glowy look.

How do you do it exactly? Let’s tackle that in another post. Watch out for it.