The post-holiday sales to watch out for

Beauty / December 27, 2019

Rewards come to those who are patient and observant. Post-holiday sales abound. Now that you’ve done your shopping for your loved ones. This time can be used to shop for stuff to prepare for the new year.

I advise that you make your list still. Note down all the stuff you would need in 2020. It can be big or small, just as long as you know you would need them. This way, you can match your shopping with your 2020 resolutions.

Check also on your rewards points and membership discounts. With the shopping you have done for the holidays, I’m sure you have racked up points enough to get some smart deals.

I would first check the beauty counters and websites. Price drops are always a good time to stock up on your essentials. This way you don’t have to keep worrying about them throughout the year. offers a lot of bath and body items at discounted prices currently. To boost your routine get something like the Sephora Exfoliating Granita on top of your regular body wash. Get also a reliable shampoo and conditioner from IGK. These will make sure you start off 2020 fresh and confident.

Offline, watch out for your makeup favorite at Rustan’s. I would advise items that will carry you through the various trends of the upcoming year. Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Aqua Foundation is a much-loved foundation for radiant and dewy skin. You get good coverage that’s always a good base for any makeup.

After beauty, always look into the end-of-season sales. January is always a good time to catch the last of your clothing picks. Distinqt is always a good spot for some designer finds form N21, Tibi, Cult Gaia, Sequoia, MM6 and so many more.

I also would log on to My Theresa during this time. Last time I checked i saw a pair of Off-White Arrow 2.0 Leather Sneakers at 30 percent off. You can also get something like the Stella McCartney Logo Canvas Backpack to add to your every day bag rotation. Picks like these are easy to integrate into your wardrobe. You’ll also be able to use them for different occasions throughout the year.

There is also Univers and Homme et Femme to look into. Here you can get a fill of Alexander Wang, Marni, and Victoria Beckham. All of which are brands that are made for those with an on-the-go lifestyle that only has room for versatile pieces.

On the home front, don’t forget to drop by SM. Their Home section is a stop I make whenever I can. Get their organizers to help you fix your stuff so you can get a clean start on the New Year. Don’t forget to get linens, curtains, and pillows: all these make for small luxuries that make a big difference.

Jump also into their appliances. I heard a Hurom Slow Juicer can finally help you be healthier this 2020!