The under-the-radar beauty brands only cool girls know about

Beauty / June 14, 2019

To say that the beauty industry is in the midst of an insane boom is an understatement. Drugstore brands are favorites. Social media influencers are making their own makeup line, and luxury brands are releasing products inspired by cross-cultural references.

There’s also a great love for under-the-radar brands. I feel it’s because beauty is so personal that every brand is just as unique as every person—the casual lip-and-cheek tint girl, the skincare guru, the full-makeup-even-on-casual days woman.

On one of the biggest beauty havens,, you will see how these low-key brands are creating their own following. They each have a niche ethos that speaks to a certain consumer.

Maybe you have yet to find your match in these brands. Or perhaps there’s a product that’s missing in your rotation. Scour through these products and you might find something. I know I did, even if I have quite a hoard as a beauty editor. And I was pleasantly surprised!

For hair

For hair, there’s the Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother. It’s a leave-on-the-hair reparative styling crème that eliminates frizz, hydrates and protects all hair types. Highly concentrated, it doesn’t weigh the hair down.

There’s also Abyssian Hair Serum. This one-stop, natural beauty elixir for hair is enriched with Abyssinian oil, an ancient, sustainable Mediterranean crop extract with a unique fatty acid structure and exceptionally high concentrations in phytosterols, omega 3-6-9 and antioxidants. It means less breakage, more shine, softer, easier-to-manage, frizz-free hair.

For skin, I revamped my routine once more with Votary. Its Cleansing Oil with Rose Geranium Apricot is a super-gentle makeup remover that combats dullness and uneven skin tones. I like how it wipes away everything without tugging on my skin.

Along with my face serums and moisturizers, I apply the Kopari Starry Eye Balm. It has a silky, nourishing texture and delivers a dose of caffeine to de-puff, illuminates and plump tired eyes. Add on some antioxidants, too.

My lip care likewise got an amp up with the Bybi Beauty Lip Kit. It has two components: a plumper and buffer for soft, luscious lips. It has an exfoliant that hydrates, so your lips feel plump and are given a glossy look.

Out in the sun, I put on the Soleil Toujours 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30. This tinted formula has superior UV protection, but gives a skin-perfecting luminous glow as well. Antioxidant-rich, 100% mineral, and without that usual strong smell, it’s a delight to use.

Let me know through my website,, if there are other good under-the-radar brands you’ve been using.

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