[VIDEO] Janine Gutierrez on her firsts: love, paycheck, and beauty secret

Culture / September 24, 2019

I’m constantly changing up what we do with my segment “Conversations with…” Don’t get me wrong, I like going in-depth with different personalities and celebrities. But sometimes, you only have so much time to shoot so you can’t sit down and talk for long.

What you can do is have a fun game which reveals a few tidbits and tricks especially with these rising stars. I like to think we started it off with KC Montero, followed by Albert Martinez, and recently we go Lovi Poe to play “This or That.”

When I learned that I was going to get a chance to have an episode of “Conversations with…” featuring Janine Gutierrez, I decided to do a quiz all about firsts. Since Janine is a rising actress growing and gaining experience on the way, the first time doing something new or doing something brave is always memorable. It’s also might serve as an inspiration for us to do something for the first time too!

Of course, I also didn’t forget to add a few other questions into the mix. I always ask about everyone’s beauty routine because I’m curious. Everyone does something different. Janine is a fan of facials, being it her first beauty treatment. “It was life changing,” she said.

Her favorite is from Belo Medical, the Botanicals Facial. Moving on to that, she does Angel Whitening to address pigmentation and also the sun damage she gets from long days out during tapings. She also likes the Skin Reboot to increase skin’s smoothness.

Other than that, you’ll love Janine’s recommendations, from what she learned from her first “takas”, her first magazine cover, and also the favorites she picked up from constantly trying something new.

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