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Fashion / September 30, 2019

If I were to be completely honest (and I always am!), I always go for something simple and comfortable. Sure, I’ll pick up a trendy item or two. I’m not afraid to wear a look I haven’t tried previously to a party. I always love going over my outfits before a big occasion with friends, sending out photos via WhatsApp to help me decide the best combination of dress, shoes, and bags.

When it comes to every day life which always involves work and meetings, I’m all about reliable basics. When I say basics, that always tick the following: good cuts, quality fabrics, and overall comfort without losing your personal style.

One brand which I know I can shop in when I need hardworking workwear looks is Cortefiel.

What I appreciate about this Spanish brand is the ability to always deliver staples but in fresh ways. They offer cute dresses, pantsuits in fun prints, easy-to-wear sweaters, and good ol’ trusty pieces which you can easily mix and match.

Recently, I chanced upon the matching top and pants you see in my photo above. With your favorite pair of shoes, they can take you to a meeting but also to a casual dinner. Take apart the top and the pants, you’ve got more options with your solid color pieces.

Going inside the store always excites me but it also helps me return to the fashion rules I believe in. These are clothes you can wear every day and would even help you maximize the opportunities ahead. Without looking out of date or sacrificing coziness.

In the end, I think that’s what makes us go back again and again to Cortefiel. And why it’s a brand which men and women have been patronizing for 50 years now.

Cortefiel. Upper Ground Floor, Central Square, Bonifacio High Street.

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