Getting to know Claudia Barretto

Culture / February 29, 2020

I’m excited about what’s happening on Lifestyle.INQ. Starting March, we’re doing features on today’s hottest and most interesting celebrities, artists and personalities. Every month, we’ll also be doing stories under a specific theme. March is about adventure. There will be travel stories, how to switch up your usual fashion path and venture out into new experiences.

While brainstorming on who should be our first feature subject, I wanted to focus on someone who’s cooking up something new and fresh. I wanted someone who is heralding the next frontier. To me, it’s Claudia Barretto.

Our team invited the musician for an afternoon interview and shoot. She came to the studio on her own—no-fuss, no assistants.

When we approached her for the interview while waiting for the hair and makeup team to arrive (yes, Claudia was also early!), she was so engaging.

Claudia answered questions with gusto. She was bubbly and talked animatedly about fashion, music, skincare, her newfound confidence, and what she’s currently binge-watching. You’ll get more of that story online, so watch out!

For now, here’s a teaser on Claudia’s fashion. In this shoot, we followed her style, which is dictated by something I know all of us can relate to: comfort.

“I like being comfortable. I like clothes that I can move in,” said Claudia.

It follows how she’s independent in exploring her interests. “That’s the thing about me: I always told my mom what I wanted to do, not the other way around, but she’d always support me anyway.”

Claudia’s favorites from our shoot included the oversized jacket and shorts from MM6 Maison Margiela from Cul-De-Sac. And then we mixed it up with picks from Opening Ceremony, Ambush, and Roav. (All available at Akimbo.)

She loves LA

We also dressed her up in pieces from Aigle (available at Uptown Mall, Uptown Bonifacio), such as a long coat and fisherman’s hat. The brand is about adventure, which is another facet of Claudia’s personality. She mentioned how she loves to travel, her way of looking for new perspectives and new ideas for her music. Among the places she’s been to, she loves Los Angeles. “There’s a special place in my heart for LA. It’s where I took up some lessons in music production.”

Asked about her style icons, she admitted how “they don’t dress the same way I do. I like Olivia Palermo. I love Brittany Xavier. These are people who dress in a way that’s different from my style, but I still love looking at them.”

It’s good that Claudia had this mix and she acknowledged these various influences. I saw in her a desire to accept that she’s still evolving in fashion and everything else. At 20 years old, Claudia is ready to find more about herself and show the world the process. “To be honest, I feel like I’m just starting out.”

I’m excited to find out where Claudia’s start will lead to. She’ll experiment and surprise us all. I’m sure of that.

Claudia is wearing a bucket hat from Aigle, Uptown Mall. Dress from Opening Ceremony, available at Cul-De-Sac.