Hiring a photographer for your vacation has never been this easy

Culture / March 01, 2020

We all want perfect photos to remember our vacations. The problem is that no one is there to take them. We resort to selfie sticks or the random kind stranger to snap our photos: risking weird angles or blurred images.

Time was when the services of a trained photographer were exclusive to the studio. But now that photos drive our social media posts and interactions, I’m glad we have something like Sweet Escape.

This AI-driven photography platform that offers photoshoots for any occasion in over 500 cities in 100 countries globally for both consumers and businesses.

With over 10,000 photographers, there’s no way a good outfit will go unsnapped or a moment undocumented.

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Monday… let’s do this! #melbourne @sweet.escape

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Every time I’m abroad, I always set aside a day for a session with my Sweet Escape photographer. This is regardless of where I am: Tokyo, Melbourne, or New York.

I like the service a lot since the photographers are from the area so they can help you find the places that serve as the best backdrops for your photos.

For rates that start at 99 USD, you also get photos professionally edited to Sweet Escapes standards. You get the photos in 48 hours, ready to download. You can post it on your Instagram or keep it in your files to print!

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Survived in brogues… #ootd #hk @sweet.escape

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Sweet Escape isn’t just for your trips overseas. You can also use the service to connect you to photographers who can are #FOREVERYMOMENT. You can get photographers for various occasions like birthdays, pre-nuptials, proposals, or just that all-girls get-together.

The process is as simple as booking your plane ticket. Log onto www.sweetescape.com.