Podcast Pick: THE MEMORY OF…with John Galliano

Fashion / March 17, 2021

THE MEMORY OF…with John Galliano is like going through the journals of designer John Galliano. His voice doesn’t do harm to the deep reflections he has either.

It’s something to listen to on slow days when you need some inspiration. You can play it in the background while online shopping. It’s going to leave you with some thoughts about today’s situation and the future of fashion.

Some key takeaways from his SS20 Artisanal episode include:

“Necessity creates the new luxury – invention with a conscience. Our understanding of luxury is so different from before. Now, we are inspired to fulfill the demands of an ethical conscience. Luxury, nowadays, is being able to buy something that fits those ethics.”

“Accept your identity because your identity is not only your invention. What you are made up of is also what you have inherited, right down to a cellular count, informed by memories. The things that transcend generations are things that pertain to a certain kind of value. Values. Principles. Once you mature you start to identify with these values because you have a need to”

Try looking through the latest Margiela collection while listening to the latest episode SS21 Co-Ed Collection” which elevates how you’ll experience the clothes. Trust us, it’s a new way to understand your wardrobe.