Spotlight on menswear and marble

Culture / March 15, 2021

Let me introduce you to a few brands I’ve discovered lately.

The first of which is Dust of Gods. Created by Antonio Tadrissi, Dust of Gods prides itself in creating unique garments. Every piece is “handpicked canvas that is cut, styled, painted and embellished to become an intricate work of art.”

You’ll see patterns and logos all placed together in a way that gives the jacket character and attitude.

“From the careful selection of the perfect vintage piece to the one-of–a-kind dusting by an artist’s hand, every Dust of Gods garment undergoes a rigorous production process that ensures it can never be duplicated once it has been revived,” reads the press material.

Note the streetwear/irreverent principles in creations such as the Classic This Is Not Marilyn jacket, Amy Gaga’s pink denim jacket, or the “This Is Art” red denim jacket. Sustainability meets utter cool with Dust of Gods. Celebrity clients include Quavo, Offset, Jada Pinkett Smith, Alessandra Ambrosio, Steve Aoki, Swizz Beatz, J Balvin, Neymar Jr., Young Thug.

Then there is Bluemarble. The label is by Filipino French designer Anthony Alvarez. It was created in 2018 and aims to unite various influences “to create a unique and universal language expressed through its fashion.” Every season, he focuses on a certain city or place and tells the story via his clothes.

When I interviewed him, Anthony explained the vision of Bluemarble as both internationally focused, but also something that hits close to home.

“The values that I have for my brand are the same values that I grew up with. First, through my own family: having a bicultural family with my mom being French and my dad being Filipino. And then, there’s how I grew up in New York. It meant I was always around different types of people. It was so important to use those values for my brand.

“We are inspired by a different voyage every season. It’s vital to celebrate individuality and how we come together as people from different backgrounds. In these Bluemarble clothes, I hope they connect us. It’s extremely important to me that it’s not just about the clothes, but the values behind them.” I would also like to introduce to you Edition Marble. The brand is dedicated to creating artful pieces and storied objects. We work exclusively with a small group of marble craftsmen who hail from a lineage of artisans immersed in the craft.

Wrapped in fine leather by partner artisan weavers (whose storied workshop was founded in 1925), Edition Marble collaborates with local hands and reimagines personal fitness equipment as stunning decor.

Each marble piece has been sculpted by hand. The jump rope boasts of painstakingly braided leather, all handcrafted as objets d’art, while the kettlebells and dumbbells allow a perfect marriage of sport and society with leather-wrapped handles featuring our signature red baseball stitch. Our excess raw marble from the process (lovingly called retaso in Filipino) may be used as strike-alls or candleholders for your living spaces.