The new luxury is sustainability

Beauty / January 17, 2020

I often tell my friends and colleagues that I’m trying my best to live a little bit more sustainably. I’m far from perfect but I do believe that big changes start with small steps. 

The move to prioritize choosing sustainable beauty is also about changing your habits. What we’re used to purchasing may not be so good for the environment most of the time. I also give in to how it’s so convenient to go for products that aren’t exactly sustainable. 

It begins with being more conscious. Whenever you shop, you already have a checklist to consider before getting one thing. Why not add “earth-friendly” to the list? When you do, you’ll find even more possibilities on the shelf and online. 

For example, just this week, Net-a-Porter launched Net Sustain. The platform gathers sustainable clothing and beauty brands. These include Tata Harper, Vintner’s Daughter,  Seed to Skin. On the clothing and accessories front, there’s Catbird, Citizens of Humanity, and Hanky Panky. It’s a full catalog and they’ve taken it a step further by classifying the brands under ‘Craft and Community,’ ‘Considered Materials’, ‘Considered Processes,’ ‘Considered Ingredients,’ ‘Reducing Waste,’ ‘Animal Welfare,’ and ‘Vegan.’ 

These categories help educate on what these brands advocate. It also broadens our understanding of how there are different ways a product can be sustainable. It makes shopping easier for those who are focused on certain endeavors. 

Net Sustain is one clear indication that the future is all about sustainability. Luxury is slowly getting redefined that it should be environmentally conscious. It sets it apart from the usual mass-produced items. 

But sustainability shouldn’t be a privilege. It’s all about being aware of the options sprouting up to veer-away from single-use materials. 

Right now, you can trade-in your typical cotton rounds with washable ones. The same goes for your menstrual pads. Hannahpads offer reusable cotton pads and also menstrual cups. Using this reduces the waste you create on your red days. 

When taking off your makeup, you can do away with so many products (and their packaging) with Face Halo. All you need is water when using this to wipe away your makeup and can be used 200 times. Makes packing easier too since you don’t have to decant your micellar water or cleansing oil in yet another plastic bottle. 

Be also aware of your local boutique stores which usually carry independent brands where you can find sustainable options like shampoo bars and locally-made sustainable products.

It’s going to be a journey to be fully-sustainable when it comes to your beauty habits. But I can tell it’s going to be a fun one which will do a world of good.